Stay curious and creative and always have fun like a child

Two pillars of our business are “IT business” and “Japanese Armors” and it makes us very unique from others

One day, my 11-year-old boy asked me “Dad, could you make us a game that we can hunt and collect insects!?” The very foundation of our company started that day when I start making the game called “SaMaA” for my son.

I finish making “SaMaA” with the help of my two sons(they helped draw insects) and we got the awards from famous Japanese magazine contest in 1997.

10 years later, I was working in a big company and questioning their frequent policy changes and decided to leave them and start my own company. Naturally, “SaMaA” pops up in my mind.

Worldview of “SaMaA” is the childhood Summertime. Objective of the game is to let player to devise a creative way to move forward and achieve the goal.

We would like to be the company that remembers child’s mind, enjoy “being curious”, “being creative”, and enjoy the process of think out resolving the puzzle.

What Makes Us Unique ?

Mobile Game - Web System Development

IT Business

Mobile Game – Web System Development

Our area of expertise is 3D technology. We receive a good reputation for so-called “art programming” as we focus to add on artistic “seasoning” rather than just finishing only the technical alignment.

Japanese Armor Rental

“Samurai” and “Spirit” Our Precious Culture

The way of “Samurai” and “Spirit” is our traditional refined way of life style in history. We appreciate and value “Spirit of Samurai” and would like to share our experiences with you as we have been researching Japanese Armor for many years.

IT Business

We provide comprehensive consulting with abundant knowledge and a wide range of technologies in IT business.
We aim to provide services and expand our business beyond the expectations of our customers.
We Build

We Build

Development of applications using VR/AR

Development of various entertainment-based applications

Game Application Development

Software development for tourism and town revitalization business

Software Development for Education WEB System Development

Development Field

Development Field

Order Management/Sales Management/Production Management/Sales Support System

Sales Promotion System/Customer Management System/Information Service System

Shopping EC/E-Learning/ Image processing/Sound Source Processing

Application Development

Application Development

Game/Entertainment System

IPhone, iPad (iOS) + Android (Android) App Development

Our Strenght

Our Strenght


PHP、C、C#、C+、Visual Basic

Python, Ruby, Swift, Obejctive-C

Node JS, Jquery

MySQL、Windows SQL Server


Development Environment

Development Environment

Developing Windows Desktop (Windows Form、 WPF、 UWP) Applications using NET
Application development for various native devices using unity for multi-platform development



MINO Company

Yama Ichi Alumi Company



Tune Garden


App Development

We are flexible in the rapidly changing industry, such as online games that can be enjoyed by many people,
2D/3D apps such as entertainment games, and the use of VR/AR technology.


20 May, 2019

Our website design was renewable.

2 Aug, 2018

The English version of our website was created.

25 Sep, 2017

TapMole was released on App store and Play store

13 June, 2017

Real Tag play was released on App store and Play store.

24 Feb, 2017

We released a full-fledged radio control airplane simulator AcroPlaneRC.

13 Jan, 2017

We increased capital to 10 million yen.


Phone : +81 54-376-4658

Fax : 054-376-4659

Mail : info@samaa.co.jp

2-4-26 Tsuji, Shimizu-ku, Shizuoka,424-0806