About SaMaA

Founder, CEO

Takashi Tajimi

Founder, CEO

In 1979, when the invader game came out and become a state of fashion, I was just a university student at that time, and was also fascinated by the “Invader” like everyone else… One day I was at the bookstore and happened to grab a computer-related magazine and found the articles that says “you can make a game by yourself”. I was like “Oh my, if I can program by myself, then I can play games for free!!!” I’ve always been fascinated by making something and naturally I was attracted by the creative art of programming.

I am a man of action, I react before thinking too much since my childhood. I guess my action patters haven’t changed since then. I have to admit that the game I made for my boy when he asked me “Dad, please make game”, i said “Sure!” and as soon as started I was obsessed making it that I even lose track of time.

I guess I’ve always been like this. When my first boy born, I thought that I would buy ready made Japanese armor(armors is the symbol of guardian to fight disease and accident), but i couldn’t afford to buy as it was too expensive for me then. So I gave up buying and started to make my hand-made armor instead. As making the armor I got deeply attracted and fascinated by the beauty and history of traditional Japanese craftsmanship and it has been over 30 years now and I am still devoting myself researching and making armors.

Both programming and crafting are same thing for me in terms of “creative activities”. As there is no manuals for such creative process. There are times you encounter difficult situation and hit a wall after a while, but i never felt down or pain doing it. It’s the thing that I love and I’d rather enjoy the difficulties and overcome them.

Once you start to think out then you have inspirations time to time, if you believe there is a way, then you twist and slightly change your mind as if you tune yourself to the right keys, sometimes if you sleep over and you may find a solutions in your dreams and you have your answer the very next morning… It’s like playing game or if you study physics you may understand better but it’s like trying to solve the difficult physics question, it’s so tough to find the answer but you never think of giving it up. And once you figure out the answer, nothing can beat such great feelings like that.

Our business are practiced in the same way. When you start to think about the situation and come up with different ideas and put yourself in customer’s shoes and clear each tasks and immersed in achieving each goals, then you are already enjoying your job.

The idea is to look at the issue from a different perspective in multiple angles and think out how to resolve the puzzle, after completing the challenge, as a result, your level will rise and I believe it will result in gaining trust and build relationship with the customer.

Things you enjoy can maximize your performance and you can commit to it. And when you are make commitment, it will naturally become the result and conveyed to the others.

That is the style of company we are trying to be. Team of boy-like minded who enjoys what we do.

Company Overview

Company Name

SaMaA Company Limited ( SaMaA Co.,Ltd )

Legal Representative

Takashi Tajimi – Founder, CEO


23 Octorber 2007

Captial Stock

Ten million yen


2-4-26, Tsuji, Shimizu-ku, Shizuoka 424-0806 Japan




054 – 376 – 4658


054 – 376 – 4659

Business Description

①IT Business

②Japanese Armor Rental

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From Shimizu station on the Tokaido Line: 8 minutes walk

From Tomei Expressway Shimizu IC by car : 10 minutes


Phone : +81 54-376-4658

Fax : 054-376-4659

Mail : info@samaa.co.jp

2-4-26 Tsuji, Shimizu-ku, Shizuoka,424-0806