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Our Projects

Tap moles


A classic, funny game that makes everybody can't wait to play !!!


It based on the simple Whack-A-Mole game.

With no time limit, try to whack the moles with the hammer before it goes back into it's hole but try to keep from hitting some kind of special moles that will make you lose.

The speed of mole gets faster and harder and harder.

Let's compete with everyone for the high score!

POStman orai


ai panzer

AI パンザー

Combine AI parts and let the tank fight!

By creating a puzzle sense AI (artificial intelligence) and incorporating it into a tank, the tank will work according to your design. Several types of AI patterns you made can be switched during battle, and you can use them according to the situation. Of course, you can also manipulate tanks themselves, and you can fight in cooperation with AI's ally tanks.

Make tactics, customize tanks, and aim for victory with friends!



Shade the bullet and make full use of dynamic vision and reflexes, Simple free 3D action game.

Dodge the bullet light of various colors coming towards, and then guard use the shield.

Score will continue to be added each time the elapsed period of time.

In addition, you will receive a bonus score by either guard timely, to avoid.

By simple operation you can do with one finger, It is recommended for the person who does not like shooting games and action games.

Please enjoy the beautiful view of the simple 3D world!

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