Approval of management reform plan

Three projects we are engaged are approved by the Management Innovation Plan in accordance with Article 9, Paragraph 1 of SME New Business Activity Promotion Act. One is "armor rental business" in March 2011, the second is "history VR application" in October 2015, and the third is "rental VR content" in November 2016.

In the Law for Promotion of Small Business New Business Activity (Law No. 30, 2005), "Considering the importance of the creative growth and development of small and medium enterprises in revitalizing the economy, support the management innovation of small and medium enterprises By doing so, we aim to promote the new business activities of SMEs, thereby contributing to the sound development of the national economy. "

In other words, "There is a system that the country (prefecture) will support and support SMEs that are developing innovative business," and business development developed by Samaa Co., Ltd. became the subject of this system.

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