2D/3D Game Apps

Real Tag Online is an online free match-up action game.

When two or more people connect to the room, the game play will be automatically started.
Since the game score will be halved if the game is finished with yourself be a ogre,
Let’s catch other players who run around.

Just tap the mobile stick and button for the operation!
Anyone can feel free and intuitive to play.

Tag Online – 
This is an online game like a tag game

There is no doubt that you can enjoy the heated play unique to multiplayer!
It is not difficult at all to say that multiplayer game. You can play a little gap time.
In addition, compactors that appear in the game in was very comical, operation is also so easy, anyone can play feel free to young and old alike .

Let’s BOMB!! is the free online action game

Players are divided into two teams and lets them throw a bomb falling into the field to the base of the partner and blow it up.
Score is provided when you throw a bomb on a base and the enemy player.
In addition, there is HP in the base, and a base collapses when it becomes 0.
When a base collapsed, a team having high score becomes the victory.

2D/3D Apps

AcroPlaneRC is an authentic radio controlled airplane simulator that can fly around freely using smartphones like radio controllers

It is based on the operability of the actual radio controllers faithfully, and you can experience the realistic behavior using elaborate physical engine.
Of course, you can play with only smartphone operation without a controller, but can also operate with full-scale virtual reality using the Bluetooth controller and VR scope according to your preference.
Since there are many setting items, such as selection of airplane and field, operation method and camera field of view, let’s customize it according to your preference and enjoy it.

RC Flight S – This game enables you to fly RC airplanes in the beautiful 3D world!

Perfomance is based on the actual radio controller. You can feel as you are in the real world because the 3D world of this game is made of elaborated physics engine. You can also switch to the cockpit view so you can feel as you are flying inside the plane and fly freely in the sky.

2D/3D Apps

DoReMi de Voice – Sing a song, select the instrument, and play the music!

By using DoReMi de Voice, your songs can play with your favorite instrument tone.
Let’s convert your voice to your favorite instrument, and play the music!
When you are taking a bath, you will sing somehow “humming”.
If the “humming” is played in the tone of the instrument, don’t you think it’s nice?
With “DoReMi de Voice”, it would be realized!
“DoReMi de Voice” will play by converting the humming that you sang in the tone of your favorite instrument!

2D/3D Apps

Dynamiter – Casual puzzle elements packed game.Blow up many targets as possible!

Dynamiter is the casual puzzle games completely free full of completely new exhilaration to destroy the wooden boxes using the gimmick and dynamite.
Respectively, there is a score given to each stage to stage.
Taking the score above a certain level, the next stage is unlocked!

2D/3D Apps


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