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Our Projects

real tagplay


Real Tag Online is an online free match-up action game. When two or more people connect to the room, the game play will be automatically started.

Since the game score will be halved if the game is finished with yourself be the Ogre,

Let's catch other players who run around.

Just tap the mobile stick and button for the operation! Anyone can feel free and intuitive to play.

Let's aim for the high score by winning the high score!



Players are divided into two teams of ally with enemy. And You win if it is possible to bring them back to the position of ally by rob jewelry on the other position.

Of course, the enemy team so that in the same way, you may jewel friendly position would be taken by the enemy team. And if you can, to tackle the enemy which had a jewel, you will be able to wrest the jewel.

If you are deprived of your precious jewel to the enemy, then tackle the enemy feel free, and let's taking the jewelry.

The character with a Blue or Red colored target mark, you can tackle with a dash. It will out of breath exhaustion is violently if the dash or running. Let's heal the stop is still in such a case.

Ally team if you win, you can get the point. If you are able yourself score a goal, you will be able to get the point even more.

let"s bomb!


Let's BOMB!! is an online free play action game.

Players are divided into two teams and lets them throw a bomb falling into the field to the base of the partner and blow it up.

Score is provided when you throw a bomb on a base and the enemy player.

In addition, there is HP in the base, and a base collapses when it becomes 0.

When a base collapsed, a team having high score becomes the victory.

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