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Our Projects

Acro plane RC

Acro Plane RC

Acro Plane RC is an authentic radio controlled airplane simulator that can fly around freely using smartphones like radio controllers. It is based on the operability of the actual radio controllers faithfully, and you can experience the realistic behavior using elaborate physical engine.

Of course, you can play with only smartphone operation without a controller, but can also operate with full-scale virtual reality using the Bluetooth controller and VR scope according to your preference.

Since there are many setting items, such as selection of airplane and field, operation method and camera field of view, let's customize it according to your preference and enjoy it.

RC FlightS

RC フライトS

This game enables you to fly RC airplanes in the beautiful 3D world!

Enjoy the realistic physics of radio-controlled airplane!

ai panzer

AI  パンザー

Combine AI parts and let the tank fight!

By creating a puzzle sense AI (artificial intelligence) and incorporating it into a tank, the tank will work according to your design. Several types of AI patterns you made can be switched during battle, and you can use them according to the situation. Of course, you can also manipulate tanks themselves, and you can fight in cooperation with AI's ally tanks.

Make tactics, customize tanks, and aim for victory with friends!

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