VR/AR Technology

A VR/AR application developed by our company can enjoy the same scene with multiple people. It is a revolutionary function as a simple VR system by smartphone.

Our VR system has “MIRROR mode” and “FELLOW mode”.In “MIRROR mode” one person wears a smartphone and a VR goggle, while others can look at the same view point of view from a smartphone or PC as a bystander.In “FELLOW mode”, several people wear smartphone and VR goggles, and while staying in the same place, each can see the view of another viewpoint


This is an authentic radio controlled airplane simulator that can fly around freely using smart phones like radio controllers.

It is based on the operability of the actual radio controllers faithfully, and you can experience the realistic behavior using elaborate physical engine.

VR/AR Technology
VR/AR Technology
VR/AR Technology
VR/AR Technology


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